My.WaveStreet.Studio <<< a place to Be & Connect


“Wave Street Live” is a dedicated ad-free Internet Broadcast Channel & Community (virtual and actually in Monterey).

You can tune in online, for free during the classes, events and shows — wherever you are. The invitation is to be present, in an atmosphere of openness and interest, to embrace the gift of being alive, aware of awareness.

It is Rhett’s vision and labor of love to support the community by providing real time access to regularly scheduled movement classes, wellness and sustainability workshops, music presentations, dance, art and enrichment activities on a regular weekly schedule.



Wave Street STUDIOS is a colorful and humble family-owned business, operated from Monterey, California.

The main building is located at 774 Wave Street, entertaining a Multi-Camera Live TV Broadcasting Studio, and an indoor/outdoor event/celebration space connected to the Studio Cafe.

We are currently working on the Video Archive + Membership Program to be connected with you in your own time and space.

Please support us by visiting the Studio Cafe, by learning about our professional services, by exploring the Video Archive, by joining yOur Online Community and by spreading the word to your families, friends, networks and associates.


Thank You!
Rhett Smith & Team