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Our cozy Wave Street Online Community has many features in common with Facebook. But without the commercial pressure you can feel free to discover, explore and share your thoughts and ideas.

It is very likely that you meet real people online, who also hangout at yOur Studio Cafe.

We are a creative, advertisement-free live space. We are not here to excite and manipulate you, but to share:

isn’t it amazing… nothing flickers, nothing blinks. Rest your mind in your heart; it is that simple. debuts on Friday 08/18/2017 from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm at 774 Wave Street, Monterey CA 93940 (map). Please take advantage of this unexplainable opportunity.

On one side we have the website which provides important information about the event, and how to register and participate.

And on the other hand we explore this Online Community Group” as an outlet and inlet for your thoughts and inspiration:

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