Community Portal @ Wave Street Studios


No Facebook overload, no anonymous Craigslist; but a free, ad-free, healthy space to be human!
This community may be small, but dedicated. Please be aware that most of this here is a labor of love.

Never-ending chit-chat, or Quality Time?
What do we really need, what do we want, what can we allow?
Great that we don’t need to write a thesis about life (-;

Them and me?
Coming together can be scary. Discovering that there is infinitely more that connects us than separates us can change lives!

Real and made up: out of the box
my.WaveStreet.Studio communities are of a hybrid nature: Real in the sense the we have a physical, down to earth place where we can meet — 774 Wave Street, Monterey — and made up in the sense of being online, which is great and powerful, but reduced to our mind: “talking” to imaginary people in our own head.

Signs of the Times?
Let’s make the best out of it: Connect and inspire online, whenever you want to, and meet in “person” to have a more richer, alive, live experience in the moment.
To be open and to be surprised, in an authentic way. Life can only be understood backwards (thinking and writing) but must be lived forwards (interactions, openness, synchronicity, generosity, forgiveness).

The Golden Rule
“Do unto others as you would like them do unto you!” That’s a great maxim, but the trouble is that most people don’t love themselves. Often we just operate on auto-pilot, drowned in our person, in mental habits and sub-conscious assumptions. This place — Wave Street Studios — is a place for honoring our peace, to allow experience, embrace discovery and subtle change. Even if it might feel like bravery and humility.

Community rules and baby steps.
Don’t get lost in gossip and hearsay, don’t just run your mouth; but again and again rest your mind in your heart! Operate from this inner place, recognition and presence of freedom, joy and connectedness. Having a community of beings who are willing to reflect and open to discover is a very powerful incubator and support! Pretend to be patient (-;

Ask and ye shall receive?
Risk to make mistakes. If you need help, please refer to the green Help Beacon in the lower right corner of each page. If you feel like making a financial contribution you are most welcome. (Note to self: add Paypal link.)